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I’m so excited to announce that I’m offering a one hour online critique session for those of you who do not have the money or the time to join my apprenticeship in the Arcanum. If you want more details on the one hour session, click here, but for now I have to share some of my excitement with you.


The best way to really improve your photography is to have a one-on-one professional critique. I know that it can be expensive, but I’m offering this session for only $59! That’s a great price. You will send me five high-resolution images prior to the critique and I will go over them with a fine tooth comb before the critique session so we can really get into your images for an hour. These sessions will be on YouTube for you to have for future reference and I do spend a lot of prep time on your critique.


Do you have a vision or you need a push in your work? Now, if you just want me to say how awesome you are and that your work is amazing then this for sure isn’t for you. I always feel even in my own work, that there is room for improvement and that I need to step out of the box to create new and exciting photographic images. I really do enjoy working with other photographers and talking about what they create and their thought process. What do you want to do with your work in the future? What is your goal? These are just a few questions I will have for you.

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Photo by Wasim Muklashy


Once you’ve completed the critique I will invite you to our private Facebook group to share your images and share what you’ve learned. It’s good to chat with others who are also working on improving their skills. This way I can still connect and see what you all are up to.



I’m selfish I must say, but it’s so gratifying and exciting when I can see how you’ve pushed your limits. I love working with people who really want to work hard to create, have fun and be stressed just a tad, because they push themselves out of their comfort zone.    When you work hard it’s an amazing feeling when you make an image and know…yep, this is exactly what I was going for! Let me help you get there!

Again, if you want to read more about this click here. I really and truly hope to meet you and chat about your work in the SJP One Hour Online Critique Session!



Janice Sullivan

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  • Love that idea A.d!! This would be a lot of fun and well rounded for the photographers out there. 🙂

  • A.d. Wheeler says:

    Awesome idea Janice…maybe we should assemble a consortium of creative mentors that would be willing to do this and offer cross-networking. Critiques in basic, or genre based creative photography.

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