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I liked this sign…I was so excited to be in Oatman it was like being in a candy shop!

Candy Sign in Oatman, Arizona

Kevin and I planned a trip to visit our best friends in Arizona during President’s day weekend.  On Saturday we all went on a road trip to Oatman, Arizona on Route 66. It’s a fun and beautiful place to visit.  Click here to read about this old mining town.

Oatman is fun to photograph.  There are amazing fun shops, and mules that run free in the town.  The museum was fun…it seemed everywhere I looked there was some kind of history piece that I wanted to photograph.  Below is just a bit of what you can see in the town. 

funny signs every where


Some old boots that I liked.


Old boots in restaurant.

Old mining equipment.


Old mining equipment used in Oatman, AZ.

Old cash box.


Old cashbox used in Oatman, AZ.

The mules are all nice.   This one just hung out with me as I sat on a bench.


Mule eating hay in Oatman, AZ.

Unfortunately, there are many electric poles in town and I didn’t feel like working in Photoshop for hours to get rid of them but try and see beyond the power lines to see what a great view the miners had back in the old western days.



Busy Saturday in Oatman, AZ.

Next time you’re in Arizona check out this awesome fun historical town.  A quick tip…go past the town and you’ll see an amazing mine. 🙂

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  • Jama says:

    Wow! Looks amazing! Looks like so much history. I love the “miner’s view” even with the power lines.

  • Hi Jama,

    We had a blast! I was amazed on how beautiful the location is and the mules added that special touch! Have a great day!

  • Frank Loose says:

    I’ve always thought it would be a blast to travel the length of Route 66. I bet there’s a lot of photo ops along the old road!

  • Hi Frank,

    I would like to do the same thing…start from California to Illinois. Too much fun!! 🙂

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