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Yes, I’m crazy excited to announce that I’m a master photographer in the Arcanum!  Yep, I’m enjoying a huge bowl of ice cream to celebrate!
Let me tell you what it is…
It’s a place where…
  • I and other photographers will give you constructive feedback on your work.
  • I meet up with you 4 times to give you a professional critique and you keep the video for life.
  • I give you 20 challenges to step you out of your comfort zone to push creativity that you didn’t even know you had!
  • Once you complete your challenges you become an alumni and can stay with the group forever!
Now let me tell you what it’s not…
It’s not for…
  • You photographers that just want the likes and +1 on your images.
  • Photographers who don’t want to push their creativity because you think your work is the most awesome work ever on this planet.
  • If you don’t like to work with other creative photographers.
You can sign up here!  If you’re still debating keep reading….

You're the best! Janice, your work is so inspiring! In the time I’ve been working with you I’ve learned more than I ever imagined - about photography, but also about the fun of exploring and the joy of sharing. You have literally changed my life with your talent & generosity.

Jeri Mearns
This is an old behind the scenes screenshot because we don’t share our work to the public, (well at least at first we don’t).   We have a safe place to post what you’re working on now to get feedback if you’re stumped or just don’t know what’s bugging you about the image.  To see the real behind the scenes you’ll have to join.  😉

behind the scenes mentorship group


Janice is an inspiration. Her creativity, ability to capture and create images makes her well suited to teach others her craft. I personally learned a lot from Janice while being an apprentice of hers in the Arcanum. Janice has a knack of making learning fun and her diversity in covering the technical as well as the creative allows the person she's teaching to have a deeper understanding of the topics covered. No matter what level of photographer you think you are, Janice would be an excellent choice to guide you in finding your next level. I can't thank her enough for how she has helped me in my own personal journey.

Jamie Christenson


I know this style of learning works because I have been through it.  I was stagnant with my work.  Selling the same old stuff and producing only what my clients wanted.  I needed to move forward, but I didn’t want to go back to college….been there, done that!  So when I found the Arcanum, I signed up!  I didn’t know how it was going to work for me but you pay once a month, so I knew I could just cancel after a month.
You probably have figured out that I didn’t cancel.  NOPE! I was asked if I would like to be a Master Photographer and I jumped on it because I KNOW how much it has improved my own creativity.  I have met some amazing photographers and you will too!  You’ll build new friendships for life… I have!
My specialty is Macro and Landscape photography, but to really get to know a bit about me, check out the video below.



It would be amazing if you joined us.  This program is for beginners who are just learning to use the camera, to professionals that would like to try a new way of photographing or just need a push within their own niche.
The cost is $79 a month and you can work as fast or slow as you want.  It’s up to you!  YOU will learn to tell YOUR stories with your images as you progress in the challenges.  If you get through the month and you’re not happy, just make sure you cancel before your next auto payment.  Easy peasy!

I know that if you dive in and focus, you’re going to enjoy the ride!


I am one of Janice’s apprentices in The Arcanum and Thank you Janice for all your help, you are such an inspiration. Love your images and how you always share your knowledge to us, and of course your always smiling face. My photography has evolved greatly after knowing you.

Siri Brændshøi (Brandshoi)
If you’re not ready to dive in at the moment and still would like some professional feedback on your work…check out my One Hour Critique. I put a lot of time into evaluating images to help you with your vision.  For more information click here.   It’s an amazing price if I do say so myself, and for now it’s only $59.95.  No sale…just an intro price!


Have a great day!

Janice Sullivan

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  • Congratulations. I remember an earlier post and how important this was for you. How lovely. I think it is truly powerful when someone both wishes to teach others and share their wisdom, but also sees their learning is never done. Quite and evolution, my friend.

  • Hi Noelle! Thank you so much 🙂 Yes…learning is never done, it’s a journey just like your awesome meditation post.

  • Fantastic News Janice! I’ll post this on Arcanum social channels tomorrow!

  • Thanks so much Tiff! I see all that you do for the Arcanum…you are definitely a hero! 🙂

  • adwheeler says:

    Go Get’em Janice!! You are going to be an awesome Master!

  • Thank you A.D.! Super excited on this next journey. 🙂

  • Janice is my master and she gives her apprentices so much. I enjoi the Arcanum beyond words. THX Janice ! You are the best.
    From your apprentice in Belgium/EU

  • Hi Dirk! You just MADE my day! Thank you so much! It is you that’s the best…seriously! You and the rest of the Cohort are just amazing people and I enjoy every moment with you all! 🙂

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