Helicon Focus Image Examples

Today I’d like to share with you a software program called Helicon Focus. Helicon can make macro photographs more in focus and make your foreground and background in landscapes in focus. Basically, you can make your main subject in focus and leave anything else out of focus by stacking several images together and fine tuning them in the software.  What this means is that I take several images that are in focus starting from the foreground to the background and merge them together.

I plan to make a tutorial later to help you use the software, but for today let me show you a couple of images to help you understand what it can do for you.


Stem Texture

Stack the focused Stem images together.

Stacked the center of the flower to be in focus.

Stacked bottom reflection and top leaf to be in focus.

Check out Helicon’s website for more information and start to tell your story by having your image sharp only where you want it to be sharp.



Janice Sullivan

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