Tip for today…go back and process some of your old images.

As long as the composition and exposure are what you like, go for it! Working on old photographs that I have shot always brings back fun memories.

New software has many fun tools to process images compared to what I had when I shot these images. I do recommend that you always shoot in RAW. It’s so easy to process a group of images in Lightroom and I admit that when others were still photographing in jpeg, I was shooting in RAW so I have more to work with pertaining to my old photo files.

The image below was taken while we were on vacation in Sedona. We actually went North a bit past Flagstaff to see the Wupatki Indian Ruins. I highly recommend you checking this out if you like historical places like I do.

Wupatki Indian Ruins

Wupatki Indian Ruins -1/125 @ f11 ISO 125

While visiting my aunt and uncle the fog came in and I snapped this photo. I made it a square and played with it a bit in post.  Living in California it’s easy for me to drive the 101 coast line.  If you visit this amazing state take some time to road trip the 101 freeway and highway 1.  You’ll have amazing photo ops I promise. 🙂


Fog on Highway 101 – 1/1500 @ f11 ISO 100

Hope you all have a great week and take me up on my tip. I know you’ll have fun checking out your old shots and processing them. Always, feel free to share your images with us. Just link them in the comment area and tell us a bit about them.


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  • Hi Doug! We had so much fun in Arizona…great memories. Ally’s portrait work is amazing. She’ll like this if she feels the need for challenges. Have her check out some of these amazing masters: http://thearcanum.com/#c-Masters Andy Wheeler isn’t even on the main page and I feel that he should be…he’s awesome!! 🙂

  • Doug Cohen says:

    Very interesting… and the photo of the ruins is spectacular. I’ll forward this to Ally – not sure if she’s given this much thought for our portrait work… 🙂

  • Thanks Frank! You made my day. 🙂

  • BTW, I meant to tell you I love the Wupatki ruins shot. Nice comp and I esp like the warm – cool contrast between the earth and sky.

  • I forget the details of the images and my experiences. I’ll remember that I’ve been to a variety of places or have photographed a variety of flowers but I don’t remember the details. 🙂 Hope that make sense…I haven’t had my coffee, lol!

  • That’s cool Frank! If you put that image up on your Flickr account comment back with the link so everyone can see your awesome work! 🙂

  • I do this a lot. Sometimes I forget I have them and other times I’ve learned new techniques to play with them.

  • Funny, just this morning I was working on an image from a year ago. And you’re right, it is fun to revisit something from the past, especially if it’s an image I couldn’t get right at the time, but with fresh eyes and a new idea am able to resurrect it.

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