When Kevin and I headed up to the mountains to photograph our local aspen trees…well, I guess we were a week late. All the leaves had fallen off. But all was not lost. I decided to have a bit of fun with motion blurs.

Tip for the day…work with what you have and play, play, play!

Next year I’ll be more on top it!

These are two different versions of the same location…yep, I played!

Aspen Blur 2

Same settings a below – different post processing.



Aspen Blur 1

.7 sec @ f22 50mm ISO 100


Shout Out!

I wanted to give Harry, website publisher/manager, from Metalsmith-Arts Supply Catalogue a shout out to thank him for adding us to their catalog. You can check them and us out here. I’m honored that they like my Macro and Close-up photography tips.


Latest fun equipment info.

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Sony Trade-ins

Hope you all have an amazing week! Can you believe Thanksgiving will be next week? The time is a flying.

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  • Thank you Noelle! I appreciate you taking time to comment. Yep, you and Jama put a smile on my face. 🙂

  • Hi Jama…thanks so much for the comment. Yep, a hiker told me and Kevin that we missed the beautiful yellow leaves the week before. I guess there was a bunch of wind during the week.

  • Absolutely loved the color of the trees. They are like water color pieces. Just awesome.

  • Jama says:

    Love the motion blur, but bummer you were a week late.

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