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Discount for Flood 2 – Flamingpear

Want to have some fun playing with your images? Oh boy, I’ve been having a blast with Flood, which is a Photoshop plug-in. It’s so much fun that Ashley and I have been working on a new project together. I’m working on our newsletter now to share with our readers.  🙂  Flamingpear is giving you all a 30% discount using coupon code: SJPFLOOD. The coupon is good until the end of November!

It’s a fun tool and it’s only $33, plus you get to add 30% off! Very cool! I’m not getting any affiliate money for this.  I just loved it so much I asked if our readers can receive a discount and they said, “yes.”

The examples below have flood added to them.

Flood 2 Discount

Texture and Flood added to this daisy image.

Dandelion with water drop and flood.

Image used on Platform Overload and Flood 2 discount.

Rose with flowers and Flood.


Don’t forget to check out Flood 2 and grab that discount, it’s good until November so hurry and grab it! I know you’ll have fun. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to see what Ashley and I have been up to.  🙂


Janice Sullivan


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  • Nice work with the FLOOD plug in. It sure takes these images into the surreal direction. I imagine though that FLOOD can be used for more realistic applications, too. I recall a friend telling me about it a year ago, but I never pursued buying it. Perhaps I will now, with your added endorsement. Thanks for the blog post.

    • Hi Frank! I would love to see your images. Yes, I need to get onto Flickr 🙂 Are you sharing your work anywhere else? If so share it with us here. I’d love for the readers to see your work. Hope all is well and that if you do purchase you enjoy!