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I LOVE Christmas!  It’s a time when people stop thinking about themselves and think of others.  Yes, there are a variety of religious celebrations people recognize and the gift giving is so much fun that I think heaps most of us be in better moods.

Some find it stressful and I can too, but when I feel the stress I take a deep breath and look for sales out there.  It always makes me feel awesome receiving a discount no matter how much it is, so I’d like you to feel that too!

Everything on this site will have a 15% discount until January 2nd!  Yay!  I’m also adding my new texture pack soon so look out for that!  I’ve worked hard on that and of course had fun making the textures too.

Your coupon code at checkout is: holiday2016

The only restriction is our 2017 Calendar which is 20% off for our Newsletter readers!  The calendar comes with a small print so check that out too!   Just register for our newsletters: Art Buyers click here and Photographers click here.

Flower Flood

Didn’t make the cut for our Calendar, but I still like it!


I also would love to share with you some of our affiliate deals that I like.  Check them out below.



BorrowLenses Photo & Video Rentals

Lens below includes free Vanguard 264AB-100 4-section Aluminum Tripod with SBH-100 QR BallHead – Adorama.  If you want to see all the deals from Adorama click here.

This isn’t a discount, but it’s an awesome giveaway!

I hope you enjoy the discounts and are having fun during this holiday season!

I’ve had a cold, but still had so much fun at our annual family Christmas party in Solvang, California!  If you come to Cali you’ve got to stop in and see Solvang.  The people are so nice…just love the atmosphere.


Our Solvang Annual Family Christmas Fun!

This weekend we plan to grab our tree and decorate the house!  It’s a bit late for us, but better late than never!


Janice Sullivan

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