Rock’in Social Media – 10 Fast Steps using Lightroom’s email.

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Rock’in Social Media with Adobe Lightroom’s Email!

We just started to get into Instagram, so I was looking for a variety of ways to figure out how to share my images to Ashley’s phone that I have processed from my camera.  When right in front of me (because I’m on Lightroom all the time), Lightroom was saying, “Hey, I’m here  – use me!”

I did a deep dive on how important it is to really focus on at least one Social Media site to help you connect with others to build relationships.  If you’re using Adobe Lightroom, you really need to dive into the email part of this software.

It’s so easy and fast that how can you not use it?  Many of us use our phones to work nowadays and Lightroom knows it.  Send your images from one email to another, grab it from your phone and bam…Instagram here you come.

Let’s share the fun and how easy it is to set it up.

Ok…if you just don’t have time for the video, here are the steps.  Make it easy so you use it.

  1.  Set up a Gmail account.  It’s the easiest to work with.
  2.  Pick an image & take it to your development module, right-click on it.
  3.  Click on ’email photo’
  4.  Click on the small drop-down arrow in the ‘from’ area of the pane.
  5.  Click on ‘go to email account manager’
  6.  Click ‘Add’ your email info and verify
  7.  At the bottom pane, you’ll see (Preset)- click it to ‘create a new preset’ when done click export.  In the video, I share my Instagram settings.
  8.  In the ‘To’ location add the email address that you use on your phone.  Add additional info if needed.
  9.  Press send…whooo hooo, you’re almost done.
  10.  Check your email on your phone and ‘Reply’ to email to access the image.  The image will be at the bottom, tap on that to access.

Now you’re ready to download the image to your phone and/or send to your favorite social site.

lightroom email, social media

Image from my iPhone.


Always remember to tell your story…a thousand words DO make a difference! So send your images to your phone and share them on your favorite social site!


Do you use Lightroom?


If so, are you using the full potential of the program?  I’d love for you to share your feedback with us!

Oh yeah!  Our membership is almost done and ready to go up for presales!  So crazy excited to share it with you, but for now join our Membership Updates and receive FREE treats and discounts!

Hope to see you there!  🙂


Janice Sullivan

Adobe Lightroom Basics Course

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Have you seen my Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Basics Course on sale? It’s a great tool for people who are just starting to use Lightroom. To see more detailed information about the course, please click here. I have to admit that my audio isn’t the best so I felt I should give you all a great deal. I did put a lot of time into this course to help you understand Lightroom and feel it’s so worth the money.


Adobe Lightroom Basics Course


This is a fun abstract I took at Lake Tahoe. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty of the place as a whole, but when you take time to look at small details your photography will bloom and take on a whole new perspective.

Rock in the water in Lake Tahoe.

To see the before and after image, please join my new facebook group here.  I also like to talk about the photograph a bit too. I would love it if you participated and shared your behind-the-scenes of an image or just joined in to see the fun.


Kevin has wanted a Copter since they came out. I thought I’d share these with you all. The debate is on the table.



DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter



YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with GCO3+ 4K Camera

I hope you check out Lightroom Basics and of course, comments are always welcomed.  😉


Janice Sullivan

Lightroom Plugins and other Goodies

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This is my latest video on how to install and remove plugins in Adobe Lightroom.  I also talk about a couple of other goodies too 🙂

This week went by fast!  I’m working on a couple of projects and will share them with you later.  My husband is from Boston so we are glued to the World Series games 🙂 To support the Red Sox and my red nails (for Halloween) I’ll share a couple of my red photographs with you all.

Soap bubbles

 (janice sullivan)





closeup of a water drop on a petal (Janice Sullivan, SJP)


Another water drop

 (Janice Sullivan, SJP)


Anniversary Rose

Red rose with a soft feel to it.  Processed in photoshop with 4 photographs.  An elegant and romantic macro image. (Janice Sullivan, SJP)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Janice Sullivan
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Photoshelter – A great company for photographers

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In this video I show you the tools I feel are not used enough in Adobe Lightroom.  You’ll be surprised how much better your image will look!

I love everything that pertains to photography, so when I received an email from Lauren, from Photoshelter, asking what I felt were unused Lightroom tools, I thought…”why not make a video about it?”   I enjoy talking shop and I’m honored when someone adds me to their a blog.  I’m telling you all this because I’m on Photoshelter’s Friday Happy Hour 🙂  this week! I’ve used this company for years and I know you would like them too!   If you would like to try Photoshelter’s websites and business tools click on their button to the right or click here and receive a discount!

To license this image on my Photoshelter account click here.
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