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Adventurers of the f-Stop Membership is here! At the bottom enter our contest ūüôā


I really enjoy making Deep Dive videos for you and I truly love answering questions from photographers.

For those of you who are just stopping in…I’m a teacher of photography.¬† I have a degree in art with an emphasis/concentration on photography.

Now, I know that having a degree doesn’t¬†make me a good photographer, but what it does mean is that I am educated.¬† I’m not trying to say I’m smarter than anyone else that doesn’t have a degree, but I do believe that you must always continue to educate yourself.

A bit of history about myself:

What I used to do was make video tutorials to remind myself of what I learned and liked when it came to post-processing and/or photographing.

A company called asked if I would like to be a teacher on their site and I thought, ‘what the hell’, let’s see how this will work.


You probably know that I had a great time, but when it came to my photography work, I became bored.¬† Yes, I was working with Art buyers and interior designers, but it wasn’t enough.

I didn’t want to go back to college, so I kept searching for new tools to learn to push the creative side.¬† ¬†When I found out about a program called The Arcanum, I signed up and waited to see if I would be picked up.¬† Yes, I was and totally grateful¬†to be part of the passion that the group had.¬† When I was asked to be a master photographer, I was so honored¬†because I knew first hand how amazing it is to be with a group of photographers that love the craft as much as I do.

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Now my life has begun a new journey.¬† I’m still working with photographers in The Arcanum, but now I can work with more in my own membership site!¬† Ashley, my daughter, is the co-owner of SJP.¬† Both of us discussed this in more detail and with the help of my own mentors, SJP Membership AFS’ers was born.


I know how it feels to be stagnant.¬† It’s a horrible¬†feeling.¬† Everyone is saying you should always have a niche… I get that too, but I just wanted to play and learn…I wanted to create something different.¬† Is that you?…probably, because most of us feel that way.

I understand what is needed to really push yourself and to enjoy creating new work to share with the world.¬† It’s an amazing feeling to express what you love in your work and I want that for you!

I truly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words and a thousand words makes a difference.

With this membership, I want to help you express yourself with your work by pushing you, just a tad, out of your comfort zone.

So this is just a taste of what Ashley and I have planned for you.  We just added it to the membership site.



You're the best! Janice, your work is so inspiring! In the time I’ve been working with you I’ve learned more than I ever imagined - about photography, but also about the fun of exploring and the joy of sharing. You have literally changed my life with your talent & generosity.

Jeri MearnsArtist, Photographer

The thing about Janice Sullivan is that her excitement about photography is contagious. She is as excited about teaching and growing photographers as she is about creating amazing images. In the time that I have spent with Janice in the Arcanum, she has helped me approach and understand difficult techniques and has given me tips that have greatly improved my macro photographs.

Jamuna Barry


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I‚Äôm excited to see who will win ūüôā

Again…share this blog post and let us know you did in the comment section to win a $40 Amazon card.  Good Luck to you all!

And for those of you who want to join SJP’s Membership AFS’ers click here.¬† ūüôā


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Congratulations Julie!!


Thanks everyone for helping us share our news!   Cheers!

I give you my tips on how I judge contest.

Tips on how to Win a Photo Contest

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Do you submit your photography into contests?

I had a great question asking me how I judge contests and I really thought about this question and wanted to help you think about what to submit before you actually push the submit button.

Do you feel that it’s a waste of your time and that you’ll never win? That’s how I felt when I first started to put my work out there.

BUT, you know what! I stepped out of the box and went for it!

I put this image into Outdoor Photographer’s monthly contest and didn’t win BUT the Editor saw my work and paid me to be on the cover! Woot!

Photo Contest that made the Cover of Outdoor Photographer.

Tips on how to Win a Photo Contest when you don’t win!


To win is awesome, yes! It’s definitely a bragging right that is well deserved. You work hard on your images so of course a good win or two helps boost your ego. It’s ok…be happy! But if you don’t win, you could feel depressed and wonder if your work is even good.

I’m here to say please, please don’t feel bad if you don’t win. It still gets your work out to professionals and others who LOVE what you do! I’m here to help you really think about what you’re submitting before you push that submit button.¬†Like I said before, I was one of the photographers who said, “I’ll never win!” and would look at all of the photos submitted by others and get frustrated with my own work!

But…another but! When you add your work to contests, it changes the way you look at your work. You really think about the subject and say to yourself, “Am I telling a story powerful enough to catch the judges’ eyes?” You never know…just because you didn’t win doesn’t mean you didn’t win!

This is why I want you to keep trying. Get your work out there!¬†So submit your work to photo contests and win! ¬†It may take awhile but don’t give up!

Now that I’m a judge I’ll give you four of my tips to help you get there!

In the video below I, talk about some questions to ask yourself before you push the submit button:

  • Does it go with the theme?
  • Does it have impact?
  • Is it creative?
  • Is it technically perfect?



To get you started, here are some awesome sites to submit your work:


Do you not put your image into contests because you talk yourself out of it? I’d love to know…I bet there are a lot of you out there. Or are you the one who goes for it? If you are, what do you say to yourself to get the job done?

Thanks so much for reading…remember, you can do it and a thousand words do make a difference!

Please share with your friends to help them take the plunge and put their work out there.


Janice Sullivan

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