As photographers, many of us are visual creative people, so of course we want our website brand to be different from others.   If you are serious about branding and being unique, find a template to start your website, or create your own site on a program like Dreamweaver, then find a secure hosting site to keep all of your work on.  I have used several different companies to host my website, but today I’m going to talk about  I have used them for several years now so I feel I can write a non-biased review.

Bluehost is a company that will host your site, which basically means you’re renting a secure server space from them.  They offer a variety of features and work with many companies that focus on websites.   To see the complete list of features they offer, click here, but I feel I should mention some important features below, which are:

  • Unlimited Disk Storage
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Free Domain Name (for one year)
  • 27/7 Network Monitoring

Without getting too technical, there is a variety of Databases and support available with your purchase.   Which means they will most likely be able to host your website and help you with questions.  In the video below, I go through some of the features I feel are important to see when deciding if this is the company you would like to use to host your site.

Bluehost makes it easy to start a website and the cPanel gives you easy access to important areas of your website if needed. I’m not html savvy so sometimes I’m confused on what things are and was a tad frustrated when typing my question like, “where is my root directory”,  but the chat area is amazing.  They really do help you live and I like that.  If you don’t have the money up front then you’re out, so save up for the yearly purchase or save money with a 2 year purchase.

This is what I talk about in the video:

·       How easy it is to start a website

·       Templates

·       Sub-Domains

·       How to use the cPanel

·       One Click Installs




  • Easy and fast to start a website
  • Amazing 24 hour help
  • Easy to use Control Panel
  • Money back guarantee


  • Html can be confusing
  • Type question search not friendly
  • Pay up front instead of monthly

Bluehost is the number one host recommendation for users and I can see why.  Because I want more time to photograph and make tutorials on photography, I need a company like Bluehost to make it easy for me to work on the back end of my website so you all see a professional front end website. I need companies that make my life easy and BlueHost is one of them. I wanted a site where my blog and website are integrated and with my Photocrati template on WordPress I can do this.  I also wanted my Photoshelter account as my portfolio site using a subdomain, which was easy to set-up on

 A bit more for you….

As you saw from my video, WordPress is easy to download from Bluehost, but if you would like some creative templates check out the links below.  Bluehost gives you easy instructions on how to download any templates you purchase from these companies and Photocrati and Graphpaper Press also have tutorials to help you on their site for Bluehost hosting.

Photocrati specializes on Photographer websites but unfortunately they are not responsive.  I have emailed them asking for this, hopefully, they will come through because nowadays you really need your site to look great on phones and tablets.

Graphpaper Press is responsive and looks great on small devices but is more expensive than Photocracti.

If you have any questions, you can comment here or just ask Bluehost…let them know you saw my post and wanted a bit more info from them.  😉

Have a great day and start that website if you haven’t already!

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