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Fun Gadgets for Macro Photographing

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One of the many reasons I enjoy photography, is the gadgets you can play with while you photograph.

I love a new toy! Today my post will be about some of the toys you can purchase, but I want to make it clear to you, these gadgets are not needed to photograph up close, they just help you enjoy the process while photographing.

Before I start talking about what toys I like, check out Really Right Stuff’s info on macro photography.  I like their article and it has some good insight about Macro.

So, let’s get started… Of course I want to talk about my favorite tool first!

The Novoflex focusing rack is one of those tools that until you use it, you think, “why didn’t I have this earlier?”  When you want detailed focusing,  this helps tremendously. You will be able to fine tune your depth-of-field (what is in focus and what is not in focus). The focusing rack is attached to your ball head (at least my ball-head) on your tripod. The mini quick release is attached to your camera. It’s so nice and easy to work with. Below is an awesome rack! You can purchase cheaper focusing racks, but I want to show you the best equipment for serious macro photographers.

Perfect for Macro Photographing.

Perfect for Macro Photographing.

Ok…I would like to show you a wonderful ball head from Really Right Stuff.  Again,  you don’t need a ball head to connect to your camera and tripod, but I highly recommend the ball head so you can maneuver the camera more easily to focus on a variety of points and views.

This is a great ball head!


This is another cool toy that I like to use, it’s called an angle finder. I’m showing you a Canon Angle Finder because I’m a Canon user, but just click on the image and do a search for your camera model. An angle finder is kind of like looking into a microscope.

Great tool to view subjects at an angle and magnified.

If you need to be at ground level to view your subject or adjust your camera in a weird position to get the shot, the angle finder is excellent for this! It also has a magnifier that I love, which helps with sharp focusing. For more details check this tool out at B & H.

Another good gadget to have is a cable release (see below).  When photographing macro I want you to remember that you need to keep the camera steady or you’ll have problems with blurred focus points. When you’re photographing indoors, you can set up the timer on your camera because you don’t need to worry about the wind moving your subject… BUT if you’re shooting outdoors you need to snap the shot fast before the wind starts up again. With that said…I like to use my cable release so I don’t touch my camera.  Yes, I purchased this at B & H. 🙂

Another great tool for Macro Photography,

Another great tool for Macro Photography,

The last tool I want to talk about is lighting. Below is an expensive tool that you will love if you get into the macro thing. Again, if this is too expensive, you will be surprised on what a flashlight can do.

Twin Lite View

Twin Lite View

This twin light attaches to your lens to get up close to your subject. You can adjust the intensity of the lights and move them around for some fun exposures. Save your money for this toy…it’s worth it!

Panel View - Twin Lite Flash

Panel View – Twin Lite Flash

Macro photographing is fun! I love the photograph below because we can see the unique view of the fire. Be creative…  I have photographed body parts, products, bugs, and of course flowers (my favorite subject). I now look at things differently…I remember Professor Gary Colby telling us that he wanted us to see photographically.  At first I didn’t understand, but now I do, and I’m grateful that I have added this sense of sight to my life… Thank you Professor Colby! The more you macro, the more you will pay attention to the details around you.


f6.7 @ 1.5s ISO 200

So for now check out some gadgets and send me questions if you have any? There is no such thing as shooting auto to achieve a 1:1 macro image…so learn what an F-stop and ISO is and what the shutter speed does and of course you can always ask me questions in the comment section.  🙂



Janice Sullivan



Latest 4 Unboxings / Reveals

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I really love getting goodies in the mail. It feels like Christmas, but better because it’s all about photography and my video tools. Here are my four latest unboxings and reveals. I hope you see some products that you want to purchase. If you’re interested, please sign up for my channel and you’ll get the reveals sooner.  This is the link to the playlist if you’d rather see the videos there.

Please check out Youtube to see links to the products and other goodies I have to say about them.

I’m working on a couple more, so stay tuned. 🙂

Janice Sullivan

Janice’s Gear and More

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Have you noticed I added a new tab to the website?  I LOVE goodies so I decided to add them to our site under… yep…Janice’s gear!   Plus, I  have people ask all the time what tools I use so this is a perfect way for you all to have a direct link to them!  If you have any suggestions on equipment and other goodies to play with I’d love for you to comment and let me know.   I do love to play.  😉

My first love is my Camera! Then the software I use for post production would be my second love 🙂 Something exciting that is going on right now is that I am in the middle of making my favorite textures for Macro photography! The best and fastest way to find out when that pack is ready is by signing up for my blog posts and or Newsletters.  This is where I connect with you on the fun I’ve been having!  Sign up below to receive my free textures and my video on how to use them.  Below is my camera and the fun software that I love.


canon 5diii

My Baby – Canon 5DIII

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.  It’s nice to chat with you photo lovers.

Topaz Labs

Amazing editing superpower!

Helicon Focus

Great for stacking images!

On1 Software

It’s like Lightroom and Photoshop put together!

Receive these textures and more! Sign up for our Newsletter and Blog posts.


We respect your email privacy


Janice Sullivan

Ashley and Business

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Hi All,

Almost all of you have no idea who I am. I am Ashley Sullivan and I run the business side of Sullivan J Photography. I usually don’t write blogs, but Janice has asked me to be a bit more involved with you all and share my experiences with the other side of running a photography business. Now, if you’ve read the “about us” page on SJP then you know we are a mother daughter duo where Janice is the “beauty” and I am the “brains”. I don’t want to bore you with repeating my biography that you could simply read about on SJP, so I will just add a little tidbit that I absolutely love sharing with people. About six months ago I was blessed with two beautiful bouncing baby boys named Luke and Liam and I will be the first to tell you that running a business and raising two little ones is no easy task. Thankfully I have an amazing mother and great support system because boy, two kids at the exact same age, always wanting the exact same thing, sure feels like a dozen babies screaming for mommy.

Ok, going away from mommy duties now. One thing I have learned about the photography business is that there is always someone out there who can do anything you can/are doing, better. Always make sure you are on top of your game and checking out your competition. It’s great to learn what other photographers are doing so you can find your niche, build your own business and find what works best for you. Not every company is runthe same way and everyone has their own way of doing things, so learning and developing yourself and your craft is the only way for you to stay relevant in this ever-changing industry.

I am going to try and write more often, but if any of you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at ashley@sullivanjphotography.com


Also, just because I am in the sharing mood 🙂 Here is the latest flower photograph from Janice! Check it out- its a beauty 🙂

Daisy with my textures and water affects.

Daisy with my textures and water affects.

Happy photographing!


Macro Lens Painting Thanks

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It is so exciting for me to see how other photographers interpret and create their own macro lens paintings. It is also nice to see people post blogs about this style of photography.

One day I was scanning blogs that I follow and I came across Don Johnston blog in which the photographer writes about how he learned the style of macro lens painting from me. He did such an amazing job and I was so impressed with his work, that I had to share it with you as well.

Teaching others and seeing how they interpret my work into their own is so fulfilling. I am always striving to try new things and improve my own style of work, so when someone else does this, it inspires me even more to share my projects.

Getting published and having my work in hotels and restaurants for others to enjoy is great, but what really floats my boat is teaching and mentoring other photographers. I love to see them grow and fulfill their own desire to create.

Thank you to all of you that I have worked with especially my apprentices in the Arcanum. You make me smile every day!

Cheers to creatives!

Here is my latest macro lens painting.



Janice Sullivan

Macro Inspiration

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In our new Professional Macro & Close-up Photography group, Troy had asked, “We all love taking pictures of flowers (I do as well) and we’ve all seen various angles and perspectives – some tired and some truly unique. We look for color, light, and texture – we try to separate our subject with position and framing – we consider a myriad of technical and artistic rules breaking some and following others before ever pushing the button. Some of us do this without thinking while others analyze and scrutinize. To this end I ask – what is your approach when shooting a flower? How are you trying to be unique and fresh?”

I love this question so much that it made me want to write about it here.  This was my answer. This is a great question Troy Arnold! When I first look at a flower I pay attention to what draws my eyes in first. I then start to play with that in a variety of compositions, f-stops, stacked shots, lighting, and always focusing on what I love about the flower. Sometimes my shots bring me to other elements of my story, but that is usually how I start my creative process.”

If you haven’t joined the macro fun, please join and start creating.  Our Facebook group is a great place to share and chat about macro and close-up photography.   You’ll see ideas from macro lovers and hopefully it will motivate you to play with your work. Why not, don’t get stuck on doing the same thing every time. That’s boring!

Below is an example of what I was talking about. It’s part of a flower. Yep, my eyes went to this area and I saw a praying mantis/alien, haha, well, it looks alive. 🙂 I tried various ways to photograph the location and this is what I came up with. Fun! Fun! Fun!


Macro shot of a flower that looks like a Mantis.

Macro shot of a flower that looks like a Mantis.

I hope this inspires you to “see” what you like while photographing macro and flowers. Now get started and focus, well you may not need to focus, but you will need to express what you’re feeling and that comes with experimentation and knowledge.


Janice Sullivan

Just an FYI. You don’t need to be a professional photographer to join the group, but you do need to love the craft so much that you aspire to be a professional in your future.

Facebook and Instagram

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Today’s blog post is short but sweet.  I wanted to share with you my new Facebook group “Sullivan J Photography”.  I started this group so people can see the behind the scenes of our work and what it takes to create the images so many people ask about. I think it’s fun to see the before and after of shots and also the software and equipment used to make the image exactly what you want it to be.  If you’re interested please join us and share your fun too!

Latest Image:

Dandelion seeds with waterdrops photographed in studio with creative lighting and focusing.

Dandelion seeds with waterdrops photographed in studio with creative lighting and focusing.

I wanted most of the water drops in focus in the foreground and background so I had to stack the image. These are backlit dandelion seeds. I’m drawn to water and seeds, the essence of life. This was shot on Black Plexi glass and lit with red gels on my lights. I processed this in Lightroom, Photoshop, Topaz & On1. I plan to add the before and after image to our new Facebook group and I’ll add more info about the process there.

I also started a Sullivan J Photography page on Instagram. There has been so much controversy about how Instagram can use our images to sell to third parties so I’ve been very reluctant to join. However, the Arcanum started an account and asked us Masters to join in and being the person I am, I want to support what we do at the Arcanum. 🙂 I would love to see you there too.


Adobe Lightroom Basics Course

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Have you seen my Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Basics Course on sale? It’s a great tool for people who are just starting to use Lightroom. To see more detailed information about the course, please click here. I have to admit that my audio isn’t the best so I felt I should give you all a great deal. I did put a lot of time into this course to help you understand Lightroom and feel it’s so worth the money.


Adobe Lightroom Basics Course


This is a fun abstract I took at Lake Tahoe. It’s so easy to get caught up in the beauty of the place as a whole, but when you take time to look at small details your photography will bloom and take on a whole new perspective.

Rock in the water in Lake Tahoe.

To see the before and after image, please join my new facebook group here.  I also like to talk about the photograph a bit too. I would love it if you participated and shared your behind-the-scenes of an image or just joined in to see the fun.


Kevin has wanted a Copter since they came out. I thought I’d share these with you all. The debate is on the table.



DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter



YUNEEC Typhoon H Hexacopter with GCO3+ 4K Camera

I hope you check out Lightroom Basics and of course, comments are always welcomed.  😉


Janice Sullivan

What do You Like in Life? Photograph it!

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What do you like in life? Think about it and then photograph it or the concept of your passion.

Photography is not only for the visual experience in life, but it can be a documentation of your passions. For example, I love to hike with my husband, but while I’m hiking I really pay attention to details. The rock formation with the rock climber is awesome, don’t get me wrong, but I absolutely go crazy over desert flowers growing between rocks. I also love animals so how can I not photograph a desert chipmunk checking us out while we eat lunch? 🙂 And I can’t forget my love of history. Capturing anything with historical value really floats my boat.

These are personal photographs that make ME smile and that is what life is about…the experience! I am a tree hugger because of my passion so I’m affiliated with several conservation groups. I also want others to enjoy what I’ve experienced so I work with the hospitality industry. It’s a good feeling to know that when someone stays in a hotel that they will see my work and feel my passion. Once you see the variety of photographs that you have accumulated, take the next step and figure out what you can do with your passion.

“Ouch” HDR



Desert Flower growing out of a Rock!

Sullivan J Photography

Our Lunch Friend


Old Gold Mining Equipment



I want you to feel happy too and to photograph what YOU like in life!  Many of us forget to really think about what we really love and make us happy.  Rock it!  You can do it!  Now snap away. 🙂

I’ve told you what I like in my life…now it’s your turn.  I really would love to read what you like in your life


Janice Sullivan


Check out these awesome conservation sites:




So excited about ON1 PHOTO RAW!!



Thank you LinkedIn Friends

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I was so overwhelm when I received tons of messages from my LinkedIn Friends on my work anniversary.   I had so many that I wanted to thank them here too!

Thank you LinkedIn friends! You all are amazing!

I have met so many awesome people there and if you haven’t jumped into the LinkedIn groups, go for it.  It’s a nice way to connect with people and also connect with potential clients.  Join the groups that interest you.  It doesn’t need to be just photography groups.   Join and participate.

If you would like to connect with me there you can click on my social links to the side of this blog or click here.



Quick update:

I’m planing to write short newsletters again.  I would like to share fun art and photography goodies that I’ve found that may interest you.  I feel that the news information will be less about Sullivan J Photography and more about what I find that will help your business and creativity.  I want the newsletter to be short and sweet so we’ll see how it goes and of course always feel free to let me know what you think or want.  Thanks in advance.  🙂



Road trip

Kevin and I had so much fun last week!  We went on a road trip up the 395 in California and ended up in Lake Tahoe.  I haven’t processed the images yet, arrrggg!  But I plan to work on these asap and give you some info that I learned on the trip, some photography and some not photography.

For a teaser…here are some fun iPhone shots I took while road tripping.

Lake Tahoe – Secret Beach

Mono Lake iPhone Pano

Virginia City, Nevada

More to come….



Janice Sullivan


Because I always want to inspire people to photograph Macro.  Rent a lens and you’ll be hooked.  😉

Featured Photo Gear

MGAPXL Episode 11 – Macro Focus

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I was honored to be a guest on the MGAPXL show this past Monday. We had a blast chatting about photography and all the goodies that go along with it 🙂  You can watch the MGAPXL Episode 11 – Macro Focus here or below.

I really had a fun time chatting with some awesome people. One thing thats great about photography is that I get to meet people from all around the world.



poppy reserve

No Poppies : (

In my last post I was really excited to check out the poppy fields here in Southern California because with all the rain we’ve been having you would think there would be hills full of flowers right? Sadly, there was nothing but open fields of dead poppies and grass. There were a few poppies here and there that had sprout out from grass as we drove by, but nothing compared to the fields of golden yellow that I had photographed throughout the previous years.

It’s a site to see…maybe next year?  Hopefully!

I found one small patch. f2.8 with my 70-200mm lens


I’m looking forward to our next road trip soon and will share the fun on my new FB community!  If you have time I would love for you to join our new community, check it out on Facebook here.



Spring Inspiration

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On Friday I was invited to our local high school for career day. I thought what the heck, if I can inspire the students to pick up a camera and photograph, why not.

It was really exciting to see some students with their cameras and it was refreshing to know that they really love photography.

Thanks Bonita High School for the invite.  It’s always a pleasure.



Spring is here for us in California. I always rent before I buy my equipment so I figured I’d share some  rentals with you all from Borrowed Lens.

Save with Kit rentals with Borrowed Lenses:

Featured Photo Gear

Lens Rentals:

Featured Video Gear

There has finally been rain here in Southern California. I can’t wait to get back to the poppy fields!

You can check out more of my work here.

Happy Spring everyone!!

Janice Sullivan

Professional Macro & Close-up Photography Group

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I’m so excited to announce that I started a Professional Macro & Close-up Photography group on Facebook. It’s not just for professionals, but I do want to encourage serious macro and close-up photographer lovers to join. I decided to make it a private group that focuses on helping others while they work on images before they put them out to the public.

We kind of do this in The Arcanum, but it’s definitely more detailed with one-on-one critiques, hangouts and much more. I wanted to share a small part of what we do in the new group. We have some awesome admins in the group that totally understand what I’m going for, so please feel free to join. We would love to see you there. I just started the group on Sunday, so it’s a newbie idea that I hope will take off.

Below is one of my latest images that I shared in our new group.   Can you guess what it is? Don’t cheat and look at the name of it. 🙂  I processed the image with a variety of tools, but what I like the most is the color overlays used in Topaz Texture Effects.

0.3 sec @ f4.5 ISO 100 Macro 100mm 2.8

0.3 sec @ f4.5 ISO 100 Macro 100mm 2.8



Have a great day and hope to see you soon in our new Professional Macro & Close-up Photography Facebook group!



Janice Sullivan

One Minute Photo Recipe

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I see on facebook these amazing one minute recipes and thought, “how cool are these”! A couple of us photography friends decided that would be fun for us make too. One minute photo recipes are to inspire people to photograph and post process their work. I would like to make more, but time is always the problem….maybe, we will have to see. But for now here is my first “One Minute Photo Recipe” recipe:

To purchase image:

one minute photo recipe

f-stop changes your focus

Have a great day and hope my One Minute Photo Recipe inspires you to play with your f-stop. 🙂

Janice Sullivan

Unboxing Products and Equipment

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I’ve been having so much fun unboxing new products and equipment that I want to play with. I love to play with new tools and I have decided that when I receive a new product, I will make an unboxing video. Once I have played with my goodies for a while, I plan to write about them to help you decide if they are good purchases for you. So far for 2016, I’ve done two unboxings.

My first unboxing was this Gorillapod.  I’m still playing with it, but once I have a good grasp of what I like and what I don’t like, I’ll let you know.


The most recent unboxing was this 12″ reflector. I have a feeling that I’m really going to love this for my macro work, but I’ll let you know soon.


Pease sign up for our blog post to get the lastest updates and sign up for our newsletter for less frequent updates, or go for it and sign up for both. I’m still working on cleaning up this website so I’d love to hear from you all on what you like or dislike about it. It is for you.


Check out ON1 Effect 10 Free goodies!



Have a great day and please stop on over to youtube and follow my Channel to receive my latest unboxings and other fun photography tips.


Janice Sullivan

10 Quick Tips on Photographing Macro

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I have received a lot of questions about how to photograph macro and close-up photography, so I figured I’d give you 10 quick tips on photographing Macro.

1. Read Books! Search online for macro photography books and check them out at your library. If you love the book, buy it! Kindle’s will work too.

2. Buy a macro lens & DSLR Camera, or a high-quality mirrorless camera (two for one on this tip).

3. Use a tripod.

4. Use mirror lock-up on your DSLR camera. If you have a mirrorless camera, all is good. You want to reduce the shake of the camera from the mirror.

5. Pay attention to your aperture. For more clarity, use f22, but be careful of reciprocation after f22. If you want really sharp images, use f8 and stack your images.

6. The closer you get to the subject, the less depth-of-field you will have; play with that for artistic pictures.

7. Play with lighting. Want texture? light from the side. Want saturation? Light in front (built-in pop-up lights don’t work). Play with flashlights and bounce light with small reflectors.  Aluminum foil works great.

8. Focus on your main subject and make that sharp. Watch out for the background – you don’t want it to take away from your subject.

9. Manual Focus, and most of all….

10. Have fun and play!

Photographing Macro

Daisy Fiber


If you would like to learn more about Macro photography, I am a Master (Mentor) in the Arcanum. Join and I’ll work with you one-on-one! I promise I don’t bite.  😉

Join me!


Photographing Macro

Back side of a Thistle



Janice Sullivan


Meet Coco

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Once in a while I like to share personal images of the fun times I have with family and friends. I haven’t done this in a while, so today I have decided to share with you Coco, our chocolate poodle. Everyone who knows me knows that Coco is a huge part of my life. She’s been in a couple of videos with me when I review equipment and I share fun Instagram posts of her.

I plan to start chatting on Periscope once a week to talk about macro photography so I’m sure you’ll see her if you stop in and chat with me.

You can find me here on Perisope.  I started using Periscope in the summer and then got out of it because I’ve always been a tad uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but my friend Doug from Frameable Faces  got me back into it again. Doug and his wife Ally have a great morning show  you can find them here and also check out past scopes here. They also picked up a weekly show on Parachute TV  every Tuesday from 11 – 12p pacific. I plan to photograph more objects for their “Guess the Macro Image” game that opens up the show. It’s a fun challenge for me and I’m excited to be a small part of their show.

Processed with Topaz Glow and a bit of On1



Have a great week!


Janice Sullivan

Today’s image was processed in with Topaz Glow and On1 Photo 10.


Update:  I had this blog post ready to go last week and then Ashley, my daughter, had her twin baby boys.  I will share with you later our new additions to the family  (Luke  6.9 lbs and Laim is 6 lbs).   So happy and excited to have these new babies in our lives.






Macro Photography: Cameras, Lenses and Tripods

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Today I would like to share with you the various tools that you will need to start your macro fun, so let’s talk about Cameras, Lenses and Tripods. I personally use Canon products and the reason I am even telling you this is that you will be investing money on your equipment. Research the various cameras and choose the one YOU like. My suggestion is to research cameras and the macro lenses that work with them. Mirrorless cameras are becoming more popular so I’d check out the Sony products if you want a camera without the mirror. Check out this link to see the latests Mirrorless cameras. I’d like to also suggest before you go out and buy anything, that you check out Borrowedlenses.com. You can rent almost anything there.

I am a Canon 5D user. These are full-frame DSLR cameras. This is important for Macro shooting because as you get closer to objects, you’ll want more light coming into the camera. I also don’t want anything cropping my composition, but me. What you see is what you get in full-frame cameras.

Canon 5D Kit


B & H

Instant Savings: $720.00

Offer ends: Jan 30 ’16 at 11:59 PM EST


If this is to pricey for you, check out this article on the Best Entry Level SLR cameras.

Once you have your camera, play with it…the better you know your equipment, the better you will photograph. Don’t worry if your photos turn out bad, it’s o.k. That is how you learn.

Now you have your camera, let’s check out some lenses. Go for the MACRO lens if you’re serious about photographing up close (please click this link and go to equipment it’s important). If you took the time to read the link I gave you, you will understand why a macro lens is the best for what you want to achieve. Basically, the lens optics are cut so you can get up close to the subject and have a quality 1:1 ratio of your subject. Also, the link gives you information on the various focal lengths you can purchase.

My favorite lens is the Canon 100mm macro lens:

Canon 100 mm Macro Lens


B & H

Price: $899.00

Instant Savings: $50.00

Offer ends: Jan 30 ’16 at 11:59 PM EST


Extension tubs will get you closer to the subject and you can also buy a reversible adapter to reverse you other lenses to get up close.

extension tube


B & H


Links to Reverse adapter links:

B & H


If you don’t want to disturb your subjects than a longer macro lens would be perfect for you.180 Macro Lens


B & H


Ok, now the tripod…In order to have your subject sharp and photograph looking professional, you really need to set your camera on a tripod for the really up close compositions. The closer you get to your subject, the harder it is to keep subjects in focus.

Here are links on a variety of tripods and ball heads from Really Right Stuff.

Now, before you say, “it is way too expensive for me!” Remember, I am giving you info on quality equipment. Read up on it and if you can’t afford it, that’s ok. I found you a less expensive kit here (Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit with 054 Magnesium Ball Head and Q5 Quick-Release System-note to me to check flat to the ground tripod) I do have to say that my husband always tells me you get what you pay for. I have never been unhappy with my equipment until I went cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.23.15 PM


B & H

Price: $599.85

Instant Savings: $60.00

Don’t know how long this sale will be?


What I like about my tripod is that it’s sturdy, I can adjust the legs to go flat to the ground (which I have used outdoors) and I can adjust the neck to a horizontal position, when needed. I have the ball head, which is excellent for Macro Photography.

Light a Fire!

I used my Canon 5D, 100mm macro lens and extension with a tripod to make this photograph. You will see a whole new world photographing up close! It’s like looking in a microscope, well kind off . 🙂

If you have questions, feel free to comment. I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.


Janice Sullivan

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Want to read more about macro?  Check out this article here.

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