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5 Tips to Get Your Photo Business in Check

I'm excited for 2018! It's time to refresh our website and take a look at what we want for you as you read our deep dive articles or when you check out the latest Macro…
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Happy Holidays …. a Time for Giving

Happy Holidays - Giving is in the Air Ashley and I hope you are having an amazing holiday season!It's a busy time for us.... cooking, getting presents, wrapping them and meeting up with family and friends. …
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Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving & THANK YOU!   Today is Thanksgiving, and it's a time for us Americans to give thanks for all that we have and who we have to thank for it. I want to…
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Post Processing

What Software Should You Use Oh My!

What Photo Software to use...so many to choose from?! John asked a great question on what I felt was the best photo software programs out there to choose from. There are amazing companies that know…
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AFS’er Membership – Hurry for one Month FREE – $40 Gift Cert Contest

Adventurers of the f-Stop Membership is here! At the bottom enter our contest :)   I really enjoy making Deep Dive videos for you and I truly love answering questions from photographers. For those of you who…
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RAW or JPEG – What’s the difference?

Should you use RAW or JPEG files while photographing? That's the great question I had from Elise on my Macro Photography Live Show.  It's such a great question that I had to do a deep dive…
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Tips & Lessons

10 Tips for Creatives – Photographers

We all go through those horrible creative slumps.  I've had a couple of people ask me how I get rid of those damn creative blocks, so I figured I'd give my tips to help you.…
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Rock’in Social Media – 10 Fast Steps using Lightroom’s email.

Rock'in Social Media with Adobe Lightroom's Email! We just started to get into Instagram, so I was looking for a variety of ways to figure out how to share my images to Ashley's phone that…
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6 Vlog Ideas It’s good for Business

6 Vlog Ideas, Yes It's good for Business What is a Vlog? From the dictionary:, vlog vläɡ/ noun A blog in which the postings are primarily in video form. Why...you may ask, is it good…
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White Balance your Camera – Let’s fix those Reds

Problems with Your Colors - White Balance your Camera If you're a Macro and Close up photographer and love photographing rich colors,  you've probably have had some problems getting those dark or bright reds, yellows,  and other…
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understand your histogram

Understand your Camera’s Histogram

Your Camera's Histogram is Important I'm going to talk to you in my language…this is not technical at all, BUT it will help you understand your histogram in your camera. I'm just not a technical…
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Equipment & Tools

Do You Need Expensive Photo Equipment to Be a Professional?

Does Your Photo Equipment Need to be Expensive?   Is this you? You see top notch photographers using amazing equipment and see a WOW factor in their work.  You say to yourself, "If I had…
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fix dark backgrounds
ExposureMacro & Close-up

Reduce Dark Background From Flash

Reducing Your Dark Background From Your Flash On my first live chat show, one of the critique submissions from William was perfect for a deep dive video. He had a beautiful bug image that was…
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Power Pack Lighting – Setup

Power Pack Lighting - Setup Speedotron I had a great question from one of our YouTubers about my Power Pack from Speedotron.  Even if you don't have a Speedotron, it's still good to watch this…
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Macro & Close-upTips & Lessons

How to Photograph Flowers Outdoors

Photograph Flowers Outdoors   Yep, it's true. I think flowers are the most photographed subject (besides people shots) out there. SO WHAT?  I love to photograph flowers and if you like to photograph them too,…
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How to Use Social Media for Photographers

How to Use Social Media for Photographers

How to Use Social Media for Photographers One of my photographer friends was a bit frustrated with Facebook and how fine art photographers just don't get the likes and shares as much as a person…
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Understand Exposure to be a power shooter.
ExposureTips & Lessons

Stop Being a Snap Shooter and Really Focus on Exposure

I know that exposure isn't the sexiest thing to talk about...we just want to make awesome pictures and really hope that we grabbed the perfect shot the first time. But unfortunately that rarely happens :(  …
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Live Macro Critique Submission
EducationMacro & Close-up

Macro Photography LIVE Show is here!

Click the edit button to add your testimonial. Every other Thursday at 5pm PST  I'll be on LIVE to chat about Macro & Close-up Photography!  Please join our Facebook group or use the forms below…
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