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Coco with her favorite bone.

Meet Coco

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Once in a while I like to share personal images of the fun times I have with family and friends. I haven’t done this in a while, so today I have decided to share with you Coco, our chocolate poodle. Everyone who knows me knows that Coco is a huge part of my life. She’s been in a couple of videos with me when I review equipment and I share fun Instagram posts of her.

I plan to start chatting on Periscope once a week to talk about macro photography so I’m sure you’ll see her if you stop in and chat with me.

You can find me here on Perisope.  I started using Periscope in the summer and then got out of it because I’ve always been a tad uncomfortable being in front of the camera, but my friend Doug from Frameable Faces  got me back into it again. Doug and his wife Ally have a great morning show  you can find them here and also check out past scopes here. They also picked up a weekly show on Parachute TV  every Tuesday from 11 – 12p pacific. I plan to photograph more objects for their “Guess the Macro Image” game that opens up the show. It’s a fun challenge for me and I’m excited to be a small part of their show.

Processed with Topaz Glow and a bit of On1


Hope you enjoy my baby Coco and plan to see her more in the future on Periscope.  :)

Have a great week!


Janice Sullivan

Today’s image was processed in with Topaz Glow and On1 Photo 10.


Update:  I had this blog ready to go last week and then Ashley, my daughter, had her twin baby boys.  I will share with you later our new additions to the family  (Luke  6.9 lbs and Laim is 6 lbs).   So happy and excited to have these new babies in our lives.







Macro Photography: Cameras, Lenses and Tripods

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Today I would like to share with you the various tools that you will need to start your macro fun, so let’s talk about Cameras, Lenses and Tripods. I personally use Canon products and the reason I am even telling you this is that you will be investing money on your equipment. Research the various cameras and choose the one YOU like. My suggestion is to research cameras and the macro lenses that work with them. Mirrorless cameras are becoming more popular so I’d check out the Sony products if you want a camera without the mirror. Check out this link to see the latests Mirrorless cameras. I’d like to also suggest before you go out and buy anything, that you check out Borrowedlenses.com. You can rent almost anything there.

I am a Canon 5D user. These are full-frame DSLR cameras. This is important for Macro shooting because as you get closer to objects, you’ll want more light coming into the camera. I also don’t want anything cropping my composition, but me. What you see is what you get in full-frame cameras.

Canon 5D Kit


B & H

Instant Savings: $720.00

Offer ends: Jan 30 ’16 at 11:59 PM EST


If this is to pricey for you, check out this article on the Best Entry Level SLR cameras.

Once you have your camera, play with it…the better you know your equipment, the better you will photograph. Don’t worry if your photos turn out bad, it’s o.k. That is how you learn.

Now you have your camera, let’s check out some lenses. Go for the MACRO lens if you’re serious about photographing up close (please click this link and go to equipment it’s important). If you took the time to read the link I gave you, you will understand why a macro lens is the best for what you want to achieve. Basically, the lens optics are cut so you can get up close to the subject and have a quality 1:1 ratio of your subject. Also, the link gives you information on the various focal lengths you can purchase.

My favorite lens is the Canon 100mm macro lens:

Canon 100 mm Macro Lens


B & H

Price: $899.00

Instant Savings: $50.00

Offer ends: Jan 30 ’16 at 11:59 PM EST


Extension tubs will get you closer to the subject and you can also buy a reversible adapter to reverse you other lenses to get up close.

extension tube


B & H


Links to Reverse adapter links:

B & H


If you don’t want to disturb your subjects than a longer macro lens would be perfect for you.180 Macro Lens


B & H


Ok, now the tripod…In order to have your subject sharp and photograph looking professional, you really need to set your camera on a tripod for the really up close compositions. The closer you get to your subject, the harder it is to keep subjects in focus.

Here are links on a variety of tripods and ball heads from Really Right Stuff.

Now, before you say, “it is way too expensive for me!” Remember, I am giving you info on quality equipment. Read up on it and if you can’t afford it, that’s ok. I found you a less expensive kit here (Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 Carbon Fiber Tripod Kit with 054 Magnesium Ball Head and Q5 Quick-Release System-note to me to check flat to the ground tripod) I do have to say that my husband always tells me you get what you pay for. I have never been unhappy with my equipment until I went cheap.

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 4.23.15 PM


B & H

Price: $599.85

Instant Savings: $60.00

Don’t know how long this sale will be?


What I like about my tripod is that it’s sturdy, I can adjust the legs to go flat to the ground (which I have used outdoors) and I can adjust the neck to a horizontal position, when needed. I have the ball head, which is excellent for Macro Photography.

Light a Fire!

I used my Canon 5D, 100mm macro lens and extension with a tripod to make this photograph. You will see a whole new world photographing up close! It’s like looking in a microscope, well kind off . :)

If you have questions, feel free to comment. I’ll do my best to get back to you ASAP.


Janice Sullivan

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Want to read more about macro?  Check out this article here.


How to Photograph Flowers Close-up

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When I’m feeling down or sick I always photograph or do some post work on flowers. I love flowers and to visualize them up close is my cup of tea and it makes me feel good! I’ve had some crazy weeks lately. I’m sure you’ve been there before. To find what relaxes me is good, and as you can tell from this post, it is flowers. Here are some quick tips on how to photograph flowers close-up.

Use a Plexi Glass

Clover flower processed in Black and White.

Think 3 for a fun Composition.

Multiple focused images combined into one for more depth-of-field.

Use a tent for soft lighting.

I hope that you have a subject to photograph that just makes you smile, even if you don’t try photographing a flower.

I’d like to share my flower book with you all. I talk about what my thought process is while photographing a variety of flowers.

Here is a bit of info for you:

Print book, 88 pages standard landscape, 10 × 8 in. (25 × 20 cm)

Print books have professional-grade paper, superb printing and binding that looks good and feels great.

  • Durable, acid-free, archival-quality papers from Mohawk®
  • Deep, rich blacks for superb contrast and image reproduction
  • A range of premium cotton and linen Hardcovers
  • Long-lasting library binding, precisely and individually bound by hand

Quality hardcover imageWrap book $68.99

Quality softcover book $56.99


To purchase Blurb ebook click here.

To purchase printed book click here. 

iTunes purchase click here.


To purchase ebook on our site. Only $2.99


Cheers to smiling!

Janice Sullivan
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Topaz is having a sale on their Texture Effects until the end of January.  Check it out here.



Macro poppy

Sharpen your Image with a Photoshop Action

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We all need to sharpen our images after we’ve cleaned them up so today I would like to teach you how to sharpen your images in a faster and easier way.

It can be so monotonous, but not when you record an action in Photoshop! So let’s get to it and talk about how to sharpen your images with Photoshop actions.

Tip: I always use the search tool in Photoshop if I can’t remember the tool location.



Photoshop has pre-made actions for you to play with, but when you find yourself continually completing the same steps on your images, then it’s time for you to record an action! Click on Window>Actions, you’ll see this:



Now that I’ve shown you all of that, let’s record a sharpening action:

Open any image in Photoshop to get this started.



As you can see, there are several icons. Hover over them with your mouse to see what they are. This basically is the area where you will make a new action, record it and save it. Click on the second to the last icon (next to the trashcan) to start your action.


Name the new action, “Sharpening”.  You can set defaults, assign a color & function key, but today I left all of that alone.


Now click on the record button.

click record


You will now see a red bottom at the bottom of the action panel.  This means you are recording every step you do in Photoshop.


red button

Next duplicate layer:

duplicate layer


Name that layer Sharpen High Pass press OK:

sharpen highpass name


Make sure that layer is highlighted:

highlight layer

Next, click on the area in the red circle and click on Insert Menu Item:


You will see this pop up…don’t do anything yet:




Go to Filter > Other > High Pass…after this, click on the OK button.




instert menute

Click on STOP the button in the red square:stop-action


Now you are ready to use the sharpening action. Open any photo and go back to actions. Highlight your Sharpening action and click on the play button and you’ll see it run.

highlight action

play button


Here is a sample of the high pass layer. A good place to start for sharpening is in the 3ish area but it really depends on your image. If you have a small file you will use less Radius and if you have a large file you’ll increase the pixel radius amount.  You only want to see an outline of where you want to sharpen.  The example below has been sharpened to much and hallowing will be a problem.

sharpen sample


Now add a quick mask to the layer so you can change your adjustments with the mask and change your layer to soft light. You can also use hard light for more sharpening or overlay.


What I like about this is that you can use the mask to adjust areas of your choice instead of adjusting the entire image.

A huge thank you to Allan Guzak for making this for me.   I enjoy his photography, his creativity, and how he always makes me laugh!  Another amazing person from The Arcanum.


It’s been raining here in Southern California.  I’m hoping the poppy field will pop this year.  I’d love for you to do a rain dance for us.  :)

Click here to see a couple fun pics in Antelope Valley.


Janice Sullivan

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Black background to enhance the bubbles in he soap.

Time to Clean up

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Yes, it’s time to clean up.

I have truly enjoyed sharing my posts with you and hope you have been inspired by my love for photography and have been motivated enough to pick up a camera and start photographing the world around you!

This year I plan to share more information about the tools I use and really focus on more video tutorials.  Currently I am writing an ebook with video tutorials and will have that available soon. Of course I will always share images and the fun times I have photographing, but I want to share with you more fun tools that help me with creation and inspire me to work. It’s fun to chat about equipment and software that I enjoy.

With this in mind, you will see our site change a bit.  I hope to make it more accessible and user friendly once I am done. I love and appreciate feedback so please let me know what you think as the site changes. I’m always up for suggestions! Please send me an email at janice@sullivanjphotography.com.  Thanks in advance!!

So far I’ve cleaned up the “Learn” tab at the top and I also have the “Categories” visible to the right of this blog post for easy access to information you’re looking for. I also love a sale so if I see something you may like I’ll add it to my posts.

Change is a progression of life and hope that 2016 brings new and exciting experiences!

Clean with a bit of hand soap:

Black background to enhance the bubbles in hand soap.

Macro 100mm with studio lights.


Additionally, I am happy to announce that we now except credit cards and PayPal for a fast and easy payment gateway.  Here is the latest sales I’ve found that you may like.

Adorama Specials

My favorite special:



Janice Sullivan

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image (1)

Happy New Year – Gorillapod Focus Unboxed

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Wishing you a Happy New Year!

It’s been a busy 2015 for us and we so appreciate you!  Thank you for the amazing 2015!

image (1)

Team SJP

Janice did an unboxing of a Gorillapod Focus tripod. She will write more on this later but we wanted to share Amazon’s sale since its on now. 40% off the tripod and head. It’s a great way to inspire you to try new ways to photograph.

Here is her video:

To purchase:



If you would like a Ballhead for the tripod:



I don’t know how long this will last but Amazon is having a sale…the tripod and ballhead 40% off!!



Latest fun Macro:

f11 @ 1sec ISO 100


Cheers and Happy 2016!!

Janice, Ashley & Susan

Team SJP

Burro in Oatman Arizona taking a nap between buildings.

Oatman Arizona’s Ghost Town

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Oatman, Arizona is a great location to experience an old ghost town and the descendants of burros from past miners.  I crave documenting historical places where I can add my own bit of art flare.  My Aunt asked me if I ever made my pictures public and I realized that I have never shared them with my Facebook friends. She inspired me to play with these images because they brought back some amazing memories and the drive to get back there real soon! If you would like to see a couple other images check them out here.

Here is my fun:

A bit of desaturating the colors on the peeps.

Oatman Route 66

I didn’t change much of this image below.  I just darkened “66”

Old 66 sign

This burro wasn’t in my other post.  Poor baby was trying to nap, with the ears back so I tried to not bother him/her.

Burro in Oatman Arizona taking a nap between buildings.

Burro in Oatman Arizona taking a nap between buildings.


Gold Rush Tools

I think this is my favorite of the bunch.  I just love photographing old tools that the miners used back in the gold rush days.

I just found out that one of my photographer friends Leah has an Aunt who owns  “The Classy Ass” it’s great place to grab some goodies. If you stop in, tell Lynnette Janice sent you. :)

Fun gift shop in Oatman.

Fun gift shop in Oatman.


Janice Sullivan

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poinsettia pop

Holiday Poinsettia & 25% Off

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Happy Holidays everyone!

Holiday Poinsettias are my favorite flowers during this time of the year, so here you go… I used a soft light with my tent and had some fun.

poinsettia pop

Exposure Time: 30 F Number:13 Exposure Program: Manual ISO:100


Just a quick reminder! If you’re registered for our blog and/or newsletter, you will receive a 25% discount from our site using the promo code: 25OFF2015XMAS 

I’m giving you the super secret promo code because once you receive the discount you’ll be added to our our blog and newsletter.

I also added more free textures for my photographer subscribers so if you art buyers want to print a texture, go for it. They are nice abstracts! Just jot us an email using the contact tab above.


poinsettia pop

Textured Poinsettia


Hope you’re having a nice holiday season.


Janice Sullivan

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Bouquet of flowers in an old vase with a black background.

Floral Inspiration

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If you have been to my site before, then you know that I LOVE flowers! I’m drawn to them. I had a baby shower for my daughter a couple of weeks ago and you know I had to go all out on the flowers.

One thing that really inspires me are the florists who can make beautiful bouquets.  Most of my photography flower shots are close up, but today I just wanted to show you this beautiful bouquet. Our local florist set these gorgeous flowers in a vase that was my grandmother’s. It was special to have this vase since it was the fourth generation that we were celebrating.

This amazing floral artist made me so happy that I had to share one of the pieces with you today.


Bouquet of flowers in an old vase with a black background.

Janice’s Touch to the Bouquet. :)

My Black and White version

The Basic Version



Cheers to all you florists out there,

Janice Sullivan

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For you Sony Lovers

Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 11.49.08 AM


Happy Thanksgiving – 40% Off Black Friday

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We want to wish you a happy Thanksgiving!  image


Life is busy and time does fly.  Thanksgiving is a perfect time for us to say, “thank you!” We are so happy to share images that hopefully put a smile on your face or inspire you to photograph.


Black Friday will be here soon and for this weekend only, we’re giving everyone 40% OFF from Sullivan J Photography’s site! Please use: 2015BLACKFRDY

20% will be donated to World Wild Life!  It’s our way of thanking you and giving to an amazing organization!


Sample Images



We were getting ready to send this out to you and then saw that Topaz has this awesome sale for Black Friday.  WOW!  This is a deal! We had to share!




SJP Team

Janice, Ashley & Susan

A four leaf clover flower processed with textures.

Holiday Textures & Discounts

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The holidays are here!  I can’t believe it, but they are.  We want to celebrate by giving you a discount for signing up for our blog and newsletter.  If you’re registered, you’ll receive 25% off from our website until December 25, 2015!

I also added more free textures for registered users.

In the image below I used these three textures with a variety of blend modes to make the flower feel as if it was blending into the texture.  Can you feel it 😉

A four leaf clover flower processed with textures.

A four leaf clover flower processed with textures.


I hope you have an a wonderful holiday season.  I’m looking forward to going to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving.

Cheers to you all,

Janice Sullivan

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Shots on the Atlantic

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Last spring we went to visit family in Boston and we stayed at a beautiful beach house in Scituate, Massachuttes. If you’re interested in staying at this relaxing home, you should book ASAP. It goes fast for the spring and summer months. Here’s their information and yep, you’ll see my review: http://www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p3493337?flspusage=fl#reviews

It can be hard to photograph on a family trip, but my family knows that Mom needs photography time or she’ll go crazy! I shot tons of images, but what I actually want to share with you is the variety of processing I’ve done.

I feel it will help you think about ways to tell your story. When you try new ways of photographing or processing in post, It will pushing you to think creatively.  This will help you not be stagnant with your work.

We all hear that you should be consistent with your portfolios, and I understand this from a business aspect, but I don’t agree when it comes to creativity. Push away and step out out of your comfort zone.

This is a typical image I would photograph. I used several images and merged them together to make a high-dynamic image. It was an amazing sunset and so much fun to photograph.

Sunset in Scituate. HDR 50mm


Now with the photograph below I decided to do something different. I was so happy to read about the history of this lighthouse that it gave me the idea to make this feel as it was shot back in the 1800’s. I made if feel old. It was fun to try a variety of techniques to achieve this look. Here is a link if you would like to read more about this lighthouse. check it out here.

Scituate – USA 50mm

I also wanted to play with some Atlantic ocean shots so I went out on a foggy day and had some fun. It was a great time and I enjoyed every moment of taking this image below. But I needed more…

Three Rocks – HDR 50mm

I stepped out of the box and processed this image below.

Our beach house was right in front of the Atlantic ocean, so during one of the amazing sunsets we saw, I took out the camera and walked out on the beach. I could tell that it was going to be an amazing sunset and boy was it. I decided to process the image below using the motion blur in Photoshop just in the clouds. The sky’s color was beautiful so I didn’t change the color much. This was a fun new way to experience my sunset.

Atlantic Blur – HDR 200mm

I hope this gives you ideas on pushing some limits to help your creative juices flow. If any of you have images you would like to share, I would love for you to add your links to the comments. We can inspire each other.

Did you notice anything different in the comment section? We added a new plugin so you all can easily add comments. I love connecting with you all and hope this will help you easily add your conversation to our site. If you have any problems please let us know.

UPDATE! Whooo hooo On1 Photo 10 is out! Try it for free!


Quick info:

– BETTER Photoshop Integration: http://www.on1.com/1098939-2/
– BETTER Lightroom Integration: http://www.on1.com/on1-photo-10-short-clip-better-lightroom-integration/
– NEW Smart Albums: http://www.on1.com/on1-photo-10-short-clip-new-smart-albums/
– NEW Export and Resize: http://www.on1.com/on1-photo-10-short-clip-new-export-and-resize/
– Re-editable Smart Photos: http://www.on1.com/on1-photo-10-short-clip-re-editable-smart-photos/

Thanks and of course…Cheers!

Janice Sullivan

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Scituate Map


A World of Inspiration

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I had so much fun putting this video together that I had to share it with you all.

We are “Adventures of the F-Stop” and part of The Arcanum Family. Our event was to photograph our locations on Monday, October 19, 2015. It didn’t matter what camera we used, it was just for fun to share our day together for 24 hours.  


Yay!   Next week On1 Photo 10 will be available.  Check out the pre-sale for more free goodies. Click here to learn more about the NEW ON1 Photo 10

Photo 10


Here is one more goody because Halloween is around the corner. I love Borrowed Lens!  It’s a great company and I have so much fun renting new equipment to play with.

Rent Now at BorrowLenses.com


Janice Sullivan

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Themes for the Day of the Week

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Today is Thursday…Throw Back Thursday. Some people get frustrated about themes for the day of the week. If you don’t like themes, ok I get it. But before you dismiss it, think about the subject. For me, TBT is a way to look back at history and my photography shooting. It makes me think about the past and what I have photographed and how I can improve my craft. I have shared these images before of Sedona, Arizona, and as I look at them and remember an amazing hike with Kevin and the fun I had taking these images. I also think I should go back to the location and try something different.

When you see themes like Throw Back Thursday or Flower Friday, take advantage of other photographs and see what people have shared so you can think about how to take your work a step further.


HDR Sedona, Arizona

Sunset about Sedona Arizona – HDR

Pano of an Indian Ruin in Sedona, AZ


Janice Sullivan

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Macro Lens Painting -  Motion blur of a daisy.

How To: Macro Lens Painting

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I have been asked many times how I make my Macro Lens Paintings, so I decided to do a live hangout with some amazing photographers from The Arcanum to share my technique. Now this was my first time ever doing this, so if you watch the video I think you’ll laugh with me. :)  I am so inspired by the people I have met in the Arcanum and I find myself gravitating toward them more and more. It’s a great place to be with people who love the craft of photography and who truly appreciate art.

The images below are just a couple that I shot during the live hangout. I Hope you enjoy watching this as much as I did making it.

Dancing Lily




Pink Flurry

Live hangout…how to Macro Lens Paint.


I’m also happy to announce that we are now affiliated with Topaz Labs. This is another amazing plug-in that I love to use. I also appreciate that if they have upgrades to their software they give them to you free. In the long run I paid a good penny for the complete set, but I know that they will never nickle and dime me for upgrade prices in the future.  Thanks Topaz!

Just a quick shout out to, “Adventurers of the F-Stop” for helping me pick the featured image. :)


Janice Sullivan

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Tree on Watson Lake Arizona photographed after sunset.

Fall Inspiration

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Fall has arrived and for some of us, we will see the beautiful fall foliage images from others and wish we could be there photographing those amazing colors.  Don’t despair. What’s around you? I have deserts I can now play in without getting heatstroke. Think about your location and make it your own fall.

Tree on Watson Lake Arizona photographed after sunset.

Burning Bush – 30s @ f22 ISO 125 100mm


If you just can’t think of any fall places for you to have fun, then go to your local store and pick up flowers with fall colors and have some fun with them.  Below is one of my “Macro Lens Paintings”. Just seeing all of the fall photos from other photographers helps give me inspiration.

Foggy Stems – f10 @ 1.5s ISO 100


I’m super happy to announce that we are now affiliates with On1 Software!  I absolutely love On1! I’ll share with you later the next generation of the perfect photo suite 10 for some post processing inspiration.



Have a great day!

Janice Sullivan

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How to fix flower petals cover.

Taking Time to Focus in on Details

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When your’re walking by flowers or subjects that catch your eyes, look deep within them. Sometimes the story is hidden and it’s up to you to reveal them to the world.

Most of us live a fast life and as photographers we can take a moment in time and share it for a lifetime. With that said, take your time and photograph deep within your subject. In my flower below, I love the colors and gorgeous flower petals so I wanted to show you the elegance of the center. I had to stack (take several in focus shots and bring them together) this image to show you more details. But to take my time to show you how beautiful this flower is within itself, will be a picture that I can share with someone that may not take time to really see. I bet next time the person will look at flowers differently and it is nice to know that I helped someone appreciate life’s beauty.

How to fix flower petals cover.

How to fix flower petals cover.



My latest tutorial, “How to Fix Flower Petals,” is on sale!

Grab this now! All of my latest tutorials go on sale for a while and when a new product pops up, the sale is gone.

Also, if you subscribe to my blog & newsletters I will occasionally give you one of my tutorials for free. It only lasts a week, so open your emails fast  😉


We all wish that we could photograph a perfect flower. Most of the time it just doesn’t work out that way. If you like the composition of the flower and have one or two petals not cooperating, go ahead and photograph the flower and fix your petals in post. I show you how to use the following to fix those stubborn petals:

  • Add Canvas (tip)
  • Use Puppet Warp
  • Content Aware Tool
  • Selection in a New Layer (the best way to fix petals).

To watch a small clip of the video click on the tab below.

More Info



Janice Sullivan


Make Photos New with Textures

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I have talked about adding textures to your images in previous posts, but this time I want you to look at old images you have processed and play with those. When time is not your friend and you can’t photograph, go back to old images to give them a new creative spin with textures.

Today’s image was processed years ago, but I really wanted to push my creativity here so I used a variety of Trey Ratcliff’s textures (love them Trey). I also used a variety of software to process my  images. I used Topaz glow and Adjust in the photo below.   To receive $20 off Topaz click here. 

Below is the new image.


Electricity – Texture

This is the old image.

Electricity Wires

You also can receive free textures from me once you sign up for my newsletter. You can never have enough textures! Bring out your creative spin and play, play, play in post and make photos new with textures.

Janice Sullivan

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Capturing the Right Feeling

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If you photograph landscapes for yourself and not for clients on a deadline, leave some of the images to process later. For example, if you’re photographing deserts in the winter, wait until the summer to process some of the work. I know that the anticipation is there after you photograph, but when I process work with a purpose to express the weather I’ll wait to actually experience the feeling I would expect in a certain climate.

I shot the image below in the winter since Joshua Tree is a desert and crazy hot in the summer. I waited to process this image until we had a huge heatwave in Southern California because I was feeling the 100 plus temperature and wanted that conveyed in the image. If I would have worked on this in the winter, I’m sure that I would have cooled the tones a bit instead of expressing the heat with warmer tones.

Capturing the right feeling

HDR image of a Joshua Tree in Southern California


Just a quick tip to think about on capturing the right feeling to your images.


Have a great day…hot or cold 😉


Janice Sullivan

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Need Inspiration… go on a Photo Walk

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Have you ever been on a photo walk? If you haven’t, or if you need inspiration…go on a photo walk! Even if you don’t shoot much, you’re around people who love the craft and you’ll be inspired to pick up the camera and photograph.

Trey Ratcliff has almost finished his USA Photowalk and I had the pleasure to attend and meet so many people who love photography. What a blast! It was invigorating. After the walk I couldn’t wait to get out and photograph. I must admit that for me it was the connection.  When I’m truly in the zone while photographing I’m usually by myself or with Kevin as my assistant.

Here are a couple of shots of the day. I did photography while we were in Santa Monica, but have not had time to process the images because every day I’ve been out photographing. Post processing will come soon and I’ll share my images with you.

My friend and fellow photographer shot this of me. I don’t like being in front of the camera, but she got me.


Image shot my Lisa Speakman.

It was a pleasure meeting Trey! He talked to my cohort at The Arcanum on Periscope…to much fun! Thanks Trey!


Fun iphone shot of Me, Caleb, Trey, Kim and LIsa.

Again, I don’t like pictures of me, but I really love this photograph taken while I’m talking to the group. Nice Wasim!

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Photo by Wasim Muklashy

Here is an awesome video Trey’s team produced. It was so much fun to hang out with all these amazing people!

If you would like to see images shared by Trey check out his page here...to find some inspiration there for sure!


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