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Adobe Camera Raw: Navigation Tools

Today I would like to talk about Adobe Camera Raw’s Navigation tools.  I  figured I’d take my YouTube info and add it to this post as an fyi.   If you’re interested in signing up for my channel, you can click here or on the youtube hearts on this website.

I started the Adobe Camera Raw series because I received an email from a photographer asking me what it was.  I emailed her back and said I would explain to her in more detail… :)


Today’s video is all about Adobe Camera’s Navigation tools. I give you the details on how and why to use them and a bit more. I also show you the new ACR viewing tool: mode, swap, copy.

See how to utilize the following:

Zoom Tool
Hand Tool
Full Screen
% Tools
Preview Tools


My video tutorials are for anyone that loves photography. From beginners to the pros you all will learn tips and techniques to enhance the experience of photography. My specialty is Macro photography but I also shoot Landscape and Travel images too.

Have a great day!
Janice Sullivan



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Until next week!


Janice Sullivan

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About Janice Sullivan

Janice Sullivan is a Fine Art Photographer specializing in Macro, Landscape & Travel photography. Her love for nature and travel inspires her to show people what nature has to offer and to respect it. When Janice isn't taking photographs, she is writing, volunteering and sharing her love of photography with the community. Look out for her tips & lessons on this website.


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