We provide images for art consultants, interior designers and various professional businesses.

With Janice’s photographs, Ashley’s designs and Susan’s editorial skill, we know that you will enjoy our photography inspirations & tutorials to help you enhance your photography skills.

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Fine Art

We offer creative and colorful fine art pieces perfect for any space.

Macro Photography

This is Janice’s specialty.  She creates unique macro and close-up imagery that makes people stop in their tracks.

Landscape & Travel

Janice and Kevin are always exploring and love to hike. See a variety of work from their expeditions.


We enjoy making e-books for photographers. Learn how to take better photograps before you push that shutter button.

Video Tutorials

Janice enjoys making videos about how to post process your work using a variety of software. Learn from her techniques of digital dark-rooming.

Photography Articles

Read a variety of articles that will inspire you to try capturing different subjects and new ways to photographing.

" Thank you +Sullivan J Photography, I really enjoy in-depth videos."

− Monty Patel, Photographer

"Janice has an eye for making incredible images through her photographic skills. Her specialty is macro photography. She is able to take something simple and turn it into an image that is a beautiful piece of art! Check out her work, I know you will enjoy the beautiful images she creates!"

− Mike Laponis, Voice Artist

"Your work is beautiful! Thank you!"

− Lisette, Lehua Films

"Wow another great video. I'm learning a lot and that program saved me valuable time and well worth the 10 dollars. Thanks again."

− Barry E, Photographer

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