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  Mentoring Photographers and making video tutorials to enhance photographer’s skills is what we do!


 I know…everyone says you should focus on your Niche and I get that BUT I’m different!

I’m here to push you OUT of the comfort zone! 

Let’s break the habits and explore new ways to push your creativity.


Now if you’re interested in improving your portfolio I’m here for you too!  Being an Art Major wasn’t easy… it taught me a hell of a lot when it comes to your Artist Statement!

Janice Sullivan

Mentoring and Instruction

Learn how to take better photographs before you push that shutter button.  Want one-on-one mentoring with Janice?  Leave a message here and we will contact you on availability.


Janice writes on her blog ways for you to push your creativity.  She also loves to talk about Photo equipment, business, and of course Macro and Landscape photography!

Fine Art

Janice is a Fine Art Macro photographer.  See how she expresses her love of the close-up world.

Macro Photography

This is Janice’s specialty.  She talks to YOU…the Macro lovers, on her blog and YouTube channel!

Video Tutorials

Janice enjoys making videos about how to post process your work using a variety of software. Learn from her techniques of digital dark-rooming.

Landscape & Travel

Janice and Kevin are always exploring and love to hike. See a variety of work from their expeditions.

Thank you +Sullivan J Photography, I really enjoy in-depth videos.

Monty Patel, Photographer

Janice has an eye for making incredible images through her photographic skills. Her specialty is macro photography. She is able to take something simple and turn it into an image that is a beautiful piece of art!

Mike Laponis, Voice Artist

Your work is beautiful! Thank you!

Lisette, Lehua Films

Janice was my master, she gives her apprentices so much. I enjoy the Arcanum beyond words. THX Janice ! You are the best.

Dirk VerschuerenPhotographer - Belgium/EU

Wow another great video. I'm learning a lot and that program saved me valuable time and well worth the 10 dollars. Thanks again.

Barry E, Photographer
Have a question for Janice or Ashley? Go for it! We don’t bite…well at least we won’t here 😉 Ask away!


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