A Bit of Spring for Mother’s Day

I would like to wish all of the Mommies out there a happy, happy, Mother’s Day!   Some of our Mothers have passed away and we think of them often, but especially on this special day.  Today I would like to dedicate this blog post to remember my mother Iris, my children’s grandmother Lena, my best friend’s mom Fran and my Grandmother Dora.  I miss them more than words can say.  Each of my spring flowers represents them!  xoxoxox

A bit of Spring for Mother’s Day:
Beared Iris

Iris – My Mom ~ f2.8 @ 1.8 100mm Macro Lens ISO 100



Lena – Neil & Ashley’s Grandma ~ f3.5 @ 0.5s 100mm Macro lens ISO 100



Fran – My best friend Pam’s mom. ~ f8 @0.5s 100mm Macro lens ISO 100



Dee/Dora – My Grandma ~ f2.8 @ 1/13 100mm Macro lens ISO 400


The power of photography!  These images remind me of each of these special women.  Does your mom have a special flower that they love?  How about the Moms out there…what flowers do you like?  My problem is that I love them all… or is it a problem?   :)



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