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June 2017

Power Pack Lighting – Setup

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Power Pack Lighting – Setup Speedotron

I had a great question from one of our YouTubers about my Power Pack from Speedotron.  Even if you don’t have a Speedotron, it’s still good to watch this video because you may be thinking about purchasing a pack. It’s an investment that you really need to consider. You may be wondering if it’s worth the money and if you really need this type of lighting for macro and closeup work?

I share how to set up a power pack and some of the fun tools you can use to push your photography creations to help you answer these questions.

I do want to remind you that purchasing an expensive light package won’t make the images better just because it’s expensive. You need to learn about all of your equipment and keep pushing the limits of it. I mention Ratios…  If you would like more details on ratios click here or ask and maybe I’ll make a video for you.  😉


Below are the links to the fun equipment and tools for the lighting setup that I shared with you.

Speedotron Black Line 

Speedotron Black Line 202VF

Speedotron Universal Snoot

Rosco Color Effects Filter Kit

Speedotron 7″ Honeycomb Grid Set

6 Right Angle Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

My Pocket Wizard is older (they don’t make them anymore) this is the new one.  I love my wizard and highly recommend them.

I didn’t want to overwhelm you, but there’s a bunch more fun tools that you can add to this power pack. Start with the basics and once you get that down, add another fun piece to your pack. I know you can get frustrated when learning new tools. I do, but ask questions and keep trying, and all of a sudden everything will click.

Here was my fun for the day…


power pack for photographers, sppedotron, studio lighting,

Shot with one Mono Light, Speedotron Power Pack, gels and reflector.


Do you use packs like Speedotron or Flash or Natural light, and how do you use the light to be creative?   


Cheers to Light!

Janice Sullivan

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How to Photograph Flowers Outdoors

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Photograph Flowers Outdoors


Yep, it’s true. I think flowers are the most photographed subject (besides people shots) out there.

SO WHAT?  I love to photograph flowers and if you like to photograph them too, then do it!

flower photography, outdoor flower photography,

Tips Photographing Flowers Outdoors 1/180 @f3.5 ISO 100 with a 100mm Macro Lens


Today’s video shares a bit of behind-the-scenes of some flower shooting outdoors.



It’s such a pleasure to photograph these beautiful subjects and I hope I’ve inspired you to get outside and photograph flowers.

To process all of the images in the video, I used On1 and Luminar.  I’ve always loved On1Raw and just started to play with Luminar. It’s a lot of fun.  🙂

Here is the eyepiece I was talking about in the video. It’s a great product to use when you need to get down low and photograph your subjects.  I love my Angle Finder! I plan to talk more about this tool in my live show, “Macro Chat Live.” I’d love to see you there.  It’s fun to talk macro and to meet others who enjoy macro and close-up photographing too.

It’s a new show, so I’m building it as I go. During every show we chat live about equipment/tools for us macro lovers. I have live critiques and some guests participating in the future.  For more info you can read up on it here.

This is the reflector I used in the video. It’s under $10!  So worth every penny and it will really help you when you need that extra light or if you need to block light.

Below is the flower book I talked about in the video. It’s more about focusing on what excited me within the particular flowers. It should get you thinking every time you see a flower… you’ll say,  “Damn, I wish I had my camera.”  🙂


Awesome Deal!

 $4.99 eBook

iTunes -iBook purchase click here.

To purchase printed book click here. 




The question of the day….


What problems do you have when you photograph flowers and what is your favorite flower to photograph?

Don’t be shy… chat away.


Janice Sullivan
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How to Use Social Media for Photographers

How to Use Social Media for Photographers

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How to Use Social Media for Photographers

One of my photographer friends was a bit frustrated with Facebook and how fine art photographers just don’t get the likes and shares as much as a person who photographs people and sunsets.   It’s true, I know it can be frustrating.  You work so hard on an image and you just don’t feel it’s given the justice it deserves.

I want to talk to you today about where you should hang out on Social Media and how to use it as a photographer.

Two Reasons you SHOULD use Social Media


To get the most out of social media as a photographer, you should use it for two reasons:

1. To connect with other artists to inspire you and get the creative juices flowing.

2.  To connect with potential buyers and market your work.

Did you notice I said, “To connect” in both reasons?    It IS a social platform.  It’s important for you to connect with the people who you enjoy and because time is so precious, focus on one place and dominate it.

Yes, you’ll see the big photographers on many other social places at one time, but most of them have help publishing their work out to these sites.   Social Media can be a rabbit hole and the deeper you get into it the more you’ll be lost in that hole.  So stay focused and go for it all the way.

Some help to get you started. 

For business, do a search on Google to give you ideas on where your clients may be.  Here are some to look for:

Interior Designers

Art Buyers/Directors

Photo Agents

Magazine Photography Editors

Gallery Curators

If you would like to search more for people who need your work, check out  They have a job tab and you can search to see who is looking for your work. It will help you see who would like to connect with you socially.

Of course, if any of you have more suggestions let us know in the comment section.


Where to hang out?

You’re saying ok…now that I’ve done my research where should I hang out?  Great question!  From all of the years I’ve been out there here is what I’ve seen…

These social media sites cater to certain media, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be good for you.  The key is to really use one and use it full force.

Yes, LinkedIn was good for me, but it may not be for you.  If you join LinkedIn, join groups and be active.

Facebook –  What’s popular are people shots and beautiful landscapes.  You can get to your target market for business, but sorry to say you will need to pay to connect with them.

Google+ – Landscapes are huge on Google+, but there are a variety of groups to connect with for inspiration.  Unless you’re selling to photographers, it’s difficult to use this social site for business.  But with that said, being active here is one of the best ways to be found in a Google search…. just make sure you use important hashtags.

Twitter –  It’s a fast social site and you really have to stay on it, but you can connect with photographers and your buyers. Use your images on tweets and push everyone to your website if you’re in it for business.

Instagram – A great place to find inspiration.  Hashtags are important!  Check out this site for your profile link:  It’s perfect for the business side of your Instagram.

Pinterest – Another great place for inspiration.  If you use for business, you’ll need to post a lot to be seen.

500px – This is a ranking site and there are many out there. If you don’t connect here you won’t go anywhere.  Landscapes are huge on 500.  I wouldn’t use this for business because I’m not a huge landscape photographer and if you send your clients there they will see the top images…your competition.  No way in hell would I ever point to a site like this for potential clients, just saying.

ello – Inspiration Social Site for Artist

Deep Dive Question

Your question for the day…. What social media platform are you using and is it working for you?  If it’s not working…let us know where you are and what you shoot so we can help you focus.

If you take time to really connect with people for inspiration and/or business, just remember it will pay off when you focus on one site and dominate it!

Sign up for my email to get your challenges every other week.  I bet you can guess what this week’s challenge will be.  😉  I also add a bit more goodies for our readers…hope to see you there.

My tweet for the day 🙂

Tweet: How you succeed in being noticed is to be social on social media.


Janice Sullivan

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