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Anza Borrego Wild Flower

My Boo Boo Photographing Anza Borrego

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Anza Borrego Photo Boo Boo

Kevin and I decided to head out for a road trip to Anza Borrego. I’ve heard about the super bloom in the desert and  I was all over take advantage of the flowers. Kevin grabbed his drone and I grabbed my photography equipment. This was our first trip and being newbies to the place I thought I was so prepared! I researched the park on where the flowers were blooming, but boy did I screw up!   So here are some of my tips before you head out to the desert.

1. Make sure you go over all of your equipment before you leave for your desert photographing fun!

Why is this the first tip of this post?  Because I made a huge boo boo and forgot my plate that attaches to the camera so I couldn’t use my tripod. Yikes…that’s huge when you’re  a macro photographer.  I was so lucky because I had my Gorillapod in my photo bag. Whew!

2.  When packing your equipment don’t say to yourself, “I hardly ever use this so I wont bring it this time”.

I’ve said those words to myself before and I so happy I didn’t listen to myself this trip! My extra tripod what saved the day!

3.  Super bloom news made the park packed.  

The traffic was crazy so I suggest you grab a good app for your phone to check traffic. We found other routes to get into the park and that made our life easier so we could get to flowers instead of being in traffic for hours.

4.  Make sure you have water, food and gas!

Yes, gas is on our list! We didn’t realize how big the park was and our Jeep was running low on gas. We had to drive way out of our way to grab more and there were no flowers on the way. Fuel up before you get  into the park!

5. Don’t beat yourself up for not having the correct photography gear!

Take a deep breath and look to see how you can fix the situation. If all fails and you can’t use your camera take out your phone and take pictures. Maybe it wasn’t what was intended, but you grab what you love and TAKE pictures!


Her are some links to help you get ready for your photograph adventure:

Metal Sculptures – You’ve got to see these amazing pieces of art and here is a great place to check out the Wild Flower Update.

If you want to see some suggestion on macro equipment:

Macro Photography: Cameras, Lenses and Tripods

Here are some fun Gadgets for macro.

If you’ve never photographed macro style check this out before you leave for your trip.

5 Tips to Get You Started With Macro Photography


I’d love to know what you’re photography boo boo has been! What did you end up doing to fix the problem?

Let us know in the comment section below!


Sunday Society – Business Excitement

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One of the reasons I have a blog is so I can chat with you all. It’s my place to share what I’ve been up too and to hopefully inspire you to be creative. I feel mentorship is HUGE in your creative life. It’s important to me to share my ideas through my photographs, but I also need to pay the bills. So business is also a big part of my life. My business plan was changing and I felt lost, so I decided to search around the web to see what I could find to learn new marketing plans.

I found a Creative Live class called, “Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep”.  This is where I met April Bowels-Olin.  Loving her style and her knowledge, I purchased her class and I was so inspired by April that I began to follow her blog and signed up for her newsletter. I’m sure you’ve been there when you find someone who uplifts you.

I knew my business plan needed help so when I saw she had a membership/mentorship program called Sunday Society I jumped on it!  It has been an amazing ride being able to work with her, but also meet some other amazing women!


During our first live call she had a dance party in the beginning, I thought it was so cool! I met my hubby dancing and I LOVE to dance! I relate to her on many levels. I have just met her buddy Mayi Carles because I joined Operation World Domination with B-School and she adds icing to the cake!

So why am I telling you all of this?  Because mentorship is AMAZING! I mentor photographers and know how important it is for me to push my apprentices. It’s not a place where we just praise everything and it’s not a place to bash work. It’s a place to be inspired and to step out of your comfort zone. That’s how you move forward.

I am stepping out of the box and have a plan for the future of my mentorship.  Macro and landscape photography is my passion and working with other photographers is my calling. And yes, I have mentors to help me.

1/13 @ f2.8 100mm Macro lens ISO 100

1/13 @ f2.8 100mm Macro lens ISO 100


If you would like to work with me please click here to see if we would be a good fit. If not, look for someone you can work with. Just throwing your images out on social media will not push your creativity.


Janice's Mentorship Group

Janice’s Mentorship Group


As always I have a question for you…is there a mentor or a place where you’re inspired? I’d love to hear from you in the comment section.


Cheers to mentors!  All of them who truly care about you!

Janice Sullivan



5 Creative Macro Photographing Techniques

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In the last post I shared 10 inspirations to get you motivated to photograph macro & close-up! Now I’d like to give you some fun techniques for you to play with.  Below are my five favorite macro techniques.

01.  Play with your F-stop

Change up your aperture. You’ll be surprised by what the depth of field (DOF)  will be compared to f2.8 to f22 to a Macro image.

Shot at f3.2


Shot at f19


02. Try New Perspectives

Shoot on top, below to the side, behind….Move that lens around!

Back of a Daisy


03.  Focus Stack

One of my favorite ways to photograph is focus stacking! You take several in focus images (f8 is a good start) overlapping what’s in focus and merge them together.  It’s a blast seeing your subject become one in focus it’s like POW, your mind is amazed to see the result! Photoshop, Helicon & Zerene Stacker can help you out with the merge.

Daisy plexi

To get the drops in focus in the front and back this needed to be stacked.


04. Rule of Thirds

I have a video on this if you want to check it out. Trust me, this rule works… be creative and photograph on all intersecting areas to see what you like. Basically the rule of thirds is a hashtag on top of your image and you set your focal point (main subjects) on the intersections.

Bottom right where the the petals begin lines up on a third.


05. Back Lighting

Macro back-light is really exciting…especially when you focus on leaves and flowers. You can see the details in the life of the subject.  Here is a behind the scenes video I did on my iPhone…fun! fun!

This is a Lemon sliced really thin.


These five tips will give you plenty of fun images that you’ll be proud of. I would LOVE to see your favorite macro techniques shared in the comment section.


Cheers to macro techniques!

Janice Sullivan

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

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I always appreciate finding inspirational ideas to get me excited again while I play with my camera and macro lens. I want to share with my favorite 10 tips to get you to take out your camera and get up close & personal with it. Here are my 10 ideas to find macro subjects.

1.  Look in Your Kitchen

This is an awesome place to find Macro subjects. You have food, liquids and utensils just waiting for you to grab and photograph!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers



2.  Water Droplets on Glass

You can add oil or soap to create fun droplets and/or put something funky under the glass to draw attention into the drops.

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Oil & Water with pink fabric below glass.


 3.  Come up with a Theme

Texture is one of the best themes for macro, but any theme will do. Liquids are fun too!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Flower Flood Theme – Didn’t make the calendar, but I like it 😉


 4.  Check out Your Car or Find Rust

Cars have very cool lines when you get up close to them and if you have or find an old rusty car…woot! You’ll have a blast with a variety of rust texture to play with!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Rusty Train I found in a Museum.


5.  Play with Lighting

Oh wow you can have fun with lighting… light painting is fun! Take your subject in a dark room and paint your subject with a flashlight.

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Light with a flashlight.


 6.  Ordinary Objects

I’ve shot lightbulbs,  pencils, buttons…look for goodies that have amazing patterns, colors, shapes and lines.

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Hair Gel


 7.  Google Your Favorite Subjects

Once you find a subject…Google it. This will give you ideas and plus you can make sure your work is different from the norm.


 8.  Look for Complimentary Colors

While you’re thinking about what to photograph pay attention to color.  You’ll be amazed by subjects that compliment each other. On the color wheel the opposite colors from each other are called complimentary. They work awesome in photographs. If you want to read up on Color Theory. Go for it…knowledge is power…color power!


10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Orange and Blue – Red and Green…etc… attract our eyes.


09.  Go outside in Your Yard

You don’t have to go far to photograph macro. Grass, weeds, flowers, rocks…I can keep going. Just walk around slowly with your lens and look at everything.  You’ll find a whole new world, I promise!

10 Tips to Find Inspiration for Macro Photographers

Cactus in my backyard.


10.  Have Fun

Yes! Get up close and personal with your subject and photograph it moving that lens all around to see what interests YOU!  Make it a fun project…a fun time to create.


Cheers to finding macro inspiration! If you have an idea for us, I’d love it if you shared it in the comment section!

Janice Sullivan

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