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Macro Photography: Cameras, Lenses and Tripods

| Macro & Close-up | No Comments

Today I would like to share with you the various tools that you will need to start your macro fun, so let’s talk about Cameras, Lenses and Tripods. I personally…


How to Photograph Flowers Close-up

| Macro & Close-up | No Comments

When I’m feeling down or sick I always photograph or do some post work on flowers. I love flowers and to visualize them up close is my cup of tea and…

Macro poppy

Sharpen your Image with a Photoshop Action

| Photoshop, Post Processing | No Comments

We all need to sharpen our images after we’ve cleaned them up so today I would like to teach you how to sharpen your images in a faster and easier way. It…

Black background to enhance the bubbles in he soap.

Time to Clean up

| News | No Comments

Yes, it’s time to clean up. I have truly enjoyed sharing my posts with you and hope you have been inspired by my love for photography and have been motivated…

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